septic/sewer & water


septic systems & leach fields

The key to a long-lasting, worry free septic system begins with the initial installation as well as awareness of the existing soil conditions. We have experience installing & repairing systems of every type, ranging from simple conventional rock beds to complex engineered pump systems. Kellogg Contracting, Inc. takes pride in its workmanship from septic tank installation to pipe fitting. Using laser leveling equipment we can ensure each system is installed properly eliminating future backups and ensuring even distribution of onsite waste water through-out the drainage field. What else? We offer inspections & troubleshooting as well as preventative maintenance Service Plans to maintain YOUR system - just ask!

Septic & Sewer Services

Kellogg Contracting, Inc. has the knowledge, experience & equipment necessary to take care of all aspects of septic systems and city sewer lines including new, replacements & repairs. Kellogg Contracting, Inc. is licensed to provide Septic System & Sewer services with Tri-County Health Department (Douglas, Adams & Arapahoe), Elbert County Health Department, and Denver South East Suburban water & sanitation District. We are listed as an approved & preferred installation contractor with most major soils engineering firms for installation & repair of Engineered and Standard septic systems and are also a member of the "National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association".

sewer & water lines

In addition to new construction installations, repairs & replacements, we offer 24hr emergency service for sewer & water problems. Our equipment is gentle on your lawn and landscaping and small enough to access your backyard with ease. We take your problem into our hands and make the often "messy" experience as pain-free and pleasurable as possible. Finally, we put your yard back together as close as possible to the way we found it.

Additional Services

  • Tanks Installed
  • Lid Risers Installed
  • Pumps Repaired and Replaced
  • Utility Trenching
  • Hydrants Installed